(British-American, b. 1985)

Born in 1985 outside of Los Angeles and grew up in the suburbs of Washington D.C., Neumann works internationally as a visual artist. For Katrina Neumann, the idea comes before the medium and long-term project. Her post-studio practice sways in between disciplines that deals with Romanticism. Her critique of ecological issues critically turns the focus back onto the need to keep fighting for the preservation of our environment in the light of current events. By utilizing Disaster Relief Volunteering as field research, Neumann reflects on the loss of space, the destruction of environment, urban civilization, and the temporal all while toying with the ideology of time and the effects of technology.

She received her B.F.A from SUNY Purchase College and her M.F.A from School of the Museum of Fine Arts and Tufts University. Her work has been featured in the juried-in-print exhibition New American Paintings, Radio Context, WNYC, Whurk Magazine and Berlin Art-Parasites. Her curatorial work has been reviewed in ArtNews and the New York Times. She is affiliated with Flux Factory, Elsewhere Museum, CAC Woodside, LMCC, Creative Capital, Artist Alliance Inc. and All Hands Volunteer.

Neumann is the Founder and Executive Director of Rate My Artist Residency. This growing resource provides a platform for artists to socially and critically engage in conversation about artist residencies worldwide. The website has been featured in ArtFCity, Blouin ArtInfo, Artspace, China Residencies, CMagazine, Bad at Sports, Mapping Residencies, and NYArts Magazine.




Brooklyn, NY




My process is intuitive and reacts to my surrounding environments and communities. I am interested in ideas of travel, changing vistas, romantic painters, nothingness, performance, wilderness, and vagabonding. I analyze the ephemeral, landscapes, urban integration of nature, culture, conversation, travel memoirs, and story telling through video, performance, and photography. I use the mediums as is or I transform them into complex installations, collages, documentations, or paintings.

I question the Sublime versus the Post-Modern Sublime, wondering if it is possible to encounter the majestic in nature today and if we can still experience the Sublime ideal of yesterday through daily inspections. This world is full of digital fuck-ups, too much, noise, buzz, zaps, bedazzlement, apathy, zipping, snapping pics, LOLz, electric zings, screen-gazing, faraway friends, inequality, not enough, monologues over dialogues, and texting over talking. I look forward to moments of silence, sun gazing, human intimacy, a breeze, the moon through the skyscrapers, awkward exchange, and clouds after a storm.

I thread through locations by way of my body, sensory, experience, and communication in search of the transcendental today as a present-day explorer and documentarian of this world.





SELECT EXHIBITION RECORD (* solo shows marked by asterisk)


Heading Southwest, Cuchifritos Gallery & Project Space, New York, NY

Pick One, (harbor) / Regina Rex, New York, NY

Nothing Ever Happened, Chapter 61, New York, NY

Invisible City: Ideas City Festival, Artist Alliance Inc., Ideas City, and The New Museum, New York, NY

CURATICISM: THE GAM #3, NARS Foundation, New York, NY

Quarter Score, Post-Contemporary, Troy, NY



*der Sonnenaufgang Tours Upstate New York, Contemporary Arts Centers at Woodside, Troy, NY

YOU MADE IT!, Flux Factory Group Exhibition, Long Island City, NY

Video Snack 2, The Varick Sessions, Brooklyn, NY



*der Sonnenaufgang Tours Berlin, The WYE, Berlin, Germany

Slowness, Howard Art Projects, Boston, MA

Time Keeper, The WYE, Berlin, Germany

Hold on Her, participant, Kate Gilmore, Family Business, New York, NY

*der Sonnenaufgang Tours New York City, Flux Factory, New York, NY

1-Minute Film Festival, Gallery 263, Cambridge, MA



*The Pleasures of Romantic Travel, Elsewhere, Greensboro, NC

Letters to Home, Elsewhere, Mosaic Festival, Greensboro, NC

(collaboration with Paula Damasceno and Mary Rothlisberger)

*der Sonnenaufgang Tours Florida, Cocoa Beach, FL

*der Sonnenaufgang Tours South Carolina, Charleston, SC

*Greetings from South Carolina, hosted by INDI Berlin Magazine at The WYE, Berlin, Germany



*Pri Blan, MFA Thesis Exhibition, Tufts University, Medford, MA

(with a collaborative performance featuring Fabiola Menchelli) 

FTTB (For the Time Being), 2011 Photography Annual, Boston, MA

Whistling Past the Freedom Trail, William Morris Hunt Library, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA



Videre, Laconia Gallery, Boston, MA

Blight Lack, Allspace, Boston, MA



Heading Home, Susan Eley Fine Art, New York, NY

(Collaboration with Kim Lutrell)



Make Out Party, Flux Factory, New York, NY

Everything Must Go, Flux Factory, New York, NY

Purchase Wide Open, Purchase College, Purchase, NY



*Faking it for You, BFA Thesis Exhibition, Gallery A, Purchase College, Purchase, NY

Downtown Cabaret, Clemente Soto Velez Cultural Center, New York, NY


2006-07 State University of New York Statewide Exhibition, State University Plaza, Albany, NY





Contemporary Artists Center at Woodside, Residency Fellowship and Merit Award, Troy, NY

LMCC and Creative Capital, Artists Summer Institute, New York, NY

Artists Alliance Inc. and Cuchifritos Gallery, LES Studio Program Resident, New York, NY


2013 Flux Factory, Resident, Long Island City, NY


2012 – 2013 The WYE, Resident, Berlin, Germany


2012 Elsewhere Museum, Resident, Greensboro, NC



Chicago Artist’s Winter Retreat, Residency Fellowship, Chicago, IL

Karsh Prize in Photography, Award, Boston, MA


2010 School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Montague International Travel Grant to Leogane, Haiti


2008 Flux Factory, Resident, New York, NY




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GETTING A YES!, A workshop on tips to applying and getting money as an artist from a local, national, and international level, in collaboration with Kira Simon-Kennedy (China Residencies) and Jodi Waynberg (Artists Alliance Inc.), Makeshift Society, Brooklyn, NY

CURATICISM: THE GAM #3, a Spoken Words Exhibition about displacement as intersection, curated by Alessandro Facente with artists Magali Duzant, Katrina Neumann, Yvonne C Roth, Knutte Wester, and curator Tina Kukielski, NARS Foundation, New York, NY

Savannah College of Art and Design, Visiting Artist Lecture, Drawing and Painting Department, Savannah, GA



School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Visiting Artist Lecture and Post-Baccalaureate Critiques, Professional Practices, Boston, Massachusetts, 01/27

School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Visiting Artist Lecture and Critiques, Graduate Professional Practices, Boston, Massachusetts, 01/28

CUNY Lehman College, Visiting Artist Lecture and Graduate Critiques, Introduction to Painting, New York, New York 04/17

Clarion University of Pennsylvania, Visiting Artist Lecture, BFA Majors/Minors Class, Clarion, Pennsylvania, 10/04


2010 School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Drawing Course, Visiting Artist Lecture, Boston, Massachusetts, 03/10





Strange Oasis (Assistant Curator and Organizer), Pablo Helguera, Kent Fine Art, New York, New York

Pushing Boundaries, Heide Fasnacht, Yulia Pinkusevich, & Dannielle Tegeder, (Assistant Curator and Organizer), Kent Fine Art, New York, New York


2011 School of the Museum of Fine Arts Graduate Open Studios (Primary founder, curator, coordinator), Boston, Massachusetts



Face Up, (Assistant curator), Galerie Adler, New York, New York

Miniaturizing Modernism: Richard Pettibone Paints the Neuberger’s Rickey Collection, (Assistant curator, museum program education development, part of Museum Studies course with Tracey Fitzpatrick), Neuberger Museum, Purchase, New York


2005 Cyclone, Solo Exhibition of Melissa Kuntz, (Curator), Galerie Europa, Reston, Virginia





All Hands Volunteer, Disaster Relief, Staten Island, New York

AHA GRANT, Rate My Artist Residency, A financial need-based grant created through crowdfunding to allow artists the chance to attend a residency without restriction, United States-based



Clarion University, Curriculum Committee and Senior Projects Adviser

Orlando Museum of Art, Museum Education Volunteer


2011 All Hands Volunteer, Disaster Relief, Roaming Photographer and Painting Project Leader, Leogane, Haiti


2010 School of the Museum of Fine Arts in New Orleans Louisiana, Disaster Relief, New Orleans, Louisiana




2012 Master of Fine Art Studio Art

Tufts University and School of the Museum of Fine Arts

Boston, MA


2008 Bachelor of Fine Art Painting and Drawing, cum laude

State University of New York Purchase College

Purchase, NY


2003 – 2005 Bachelor of Fine Art Theater and Painting

Clarion University of Pennsylvania

Clarion, PA