2012 Master of Fine Art Studio Art, Tufts University and School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA
2008 Bachelor of Fine Art Painting and Drawing, cum laude, State University of New York Purchase College. Purchase, NY


2018 Alliance of Artist Communities, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Moor College of Art, Open Calls, A workshop on tips to applying and getting money as an artist from a local, national, and international level, in collaboration with Kira Simon-Kennedy on behalf of Rivet at the Alliance of Artist Communities in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Apply for Things, A workshop on tips to applying and getting money as an artist from a local, national, and international level, in collaboration with Sebastien Sanz de Santamaria on behalf of Rivet at NEW INC. featuring Rasu Jilani (NEW INC), Courtney Childress (Yours, Mine, & Ours), and Juliana Cope (ISCP), New York, New York

Transcultural Exchange, Québec, Canada

2016 Common Field, Los Angeles, California

NEW INC, BFAMFAPHD, All You Wanted to know about Residencies and More (So, Don’t Be Afraid to Ask), presentation to course by Susan Jahoda, New York, New York

NYFA International Artists Panel Discussion on Opportunities, Brooklyn, New York

The Cooper Union, Panel Discussion on Residencies, New York, New York

Transcultural Exchange, Boston, Massachusetts

2015 Arte Motile, Madrid, Spain

Makeshift Society, GETTING A YES!, A workshop on tips to applying and getting money as an artist from a local, national, and international level, in collaboration with Kira Simon-Kennedy (China Residencies) and Jodi rWaynberg (Artists Alliance Inc.), Brooklyn, NY

NARS Foundartion, CURATICISM: THE GAM #3, a Spoken Words Exhibition about displacement as intersection, curated by Alessandro Facente with artists Magali Duzant, Katrina Neumann, Yvonne C Roth, Knutte Wester, and curator Tina Kukielski, New York, NY

Savannah College of Art & Design, Visiting Artist Lecture, Foundation Drawing and Graduate Painting, Savannah, Georgia

2013 School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Visiting Artist Lecture and Post-Baccalaureate Critiques, Professional Practices, Boston, Massachusetts

School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Visiting Artist Lecture and Critiques, Graduate Professional Practices, Boston, Massachusetts

CUNY Lehman College, Visiting Artist Lecture and Graduate Critiques, Introduction to Painting, New York, New York

Clarion University of Pennsylvania, Visiting Artist Lecture, BFA Majors/Minors Class, Clarion, Pennsylvania

2010 School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Drawing Course, Visiting Artist Lecture, Boston, Massachusetts

SELECT EXHIBITION RECORD (* solo shows marked by asterisk)

2015 Heading Southwest, Cuchifritos Gallery & Project Space, New York, NY

Pick One, (harbor) / Regina Rex, New York, NY

Nothing Ever Happened, Chapter 61, New York, NY

Invisible City: Ideas City Festival, Artist Alliance Inc., Ideas City, and The New Museum, New York, NY

CURATICISM: THE GAM #3, NARS Foundation, New York, NY

Quarter Score, Post-Contemporary, Troy, NY

2014 *der Sonnenaufgang Tours Upstate New York, Contemporary Arts Centers at Woodside, Troy, NY

YOU MADE IT!, Flux Factory Group Exhibition, Long Island City, NY

Video Snack 2, The Varick Sessions, Brooklyn, NY

2013 *der Sonnenaufgang Tours Berlin, The WYE, Berlin, Germany

Slowness, Howard Art Projects, Boston, MA

Time Keeper, The WYE, Berlin, Germany

Hold on Her, participant, Kate Gilmore, Family Business, New York, NY

*der Sonnenaufgang Tours New York City, Flux Factory, New York, NY

1-Minute Film Festival, Gallery 263, Cambridge, MA

2012 *The Pleasures of Romantic Travel, Elsewhere, Greensboro, NC

Letters to Home, Elsewhere, Mosaic Festival, Greensboro, NC

(collaboration with Paula Damasceno and Mary Rothlisberger)

*der Sonnenaufgang Tours Florida, Cocoa Beach, FL

*der Sonnenaufgang Tours South Carolina, Charleston, SC

*Greetings from South Carolina, hosted by INDI Berlin Magazine at The WYE, Berlin, Germany

2011 *Pri Blan, MFA Thesis Exhibition, Tufts University, Medford, MA (with a collaborative performance featuring Fabiola Menchelli) 

FTTB (For the Time Being), 2011 Photography Annual, Boston, MA

Whistling Past the Freedom Trail, William Morris Hunt Library, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA

2010 Videre, Laconia Gallery, Boston, MA

Blight Lack, Allspace, Boston, MA 

2009 Heading Home, Susan Eley Fine Art, New York, NY (Collaboration with Kim Lutrell)

2008 Make Out Party, Flux Factory, New York, NY

Everything Must Go, Flux Factory, New York, NY

Purchase Wide Open, Purchase College, Purchase, NY

2007 *Faking it for You, BFA Thesis Exhibition, Gallery A, Purchase College, Purchase, NY

Downtown Cabaret, Clemente Soto Velez Cultural Center, New York, NY

2006-07 State University of New York Statewide Exhibition, State University Plaza, Albany, NY


2018 Made in NY Media Center by IFP, funded by the NY Mayor’s office for Film & Entertainment, Fellowship, New York, NY

2016–2018 NEW INC., New Museum Art & Technology Incubator, Member, New York, NY

2014 Contemporary Artists Center at Woodside, Residency Fellowship and Merit Award, Troy, NY
LMCC and Creative Capital, Artists Summer Institute, New York, NY
Artists Alliance Inc. and Cuchifritos Gallery, LES Studio Program Resident, New York, NY

2013 Flux Factory, Resident, Long Island City, NY

2012 – 2013 The WYE, Resident, Berlin, Germany

2012 Elsewhere Museum, Resident, Greensboro, NC

2011 Chicago Artist’s Winter Retreat, Residency Fellowship, Chicago, IL
Karsh Prize in Photography, Award, Boston, MA

2010 School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Montague International Travel Grant to Leogane, Haiti

2008 Flux Factory, Resident, New York, NY


2017 John Brill: Splendid Isolation, Pathological Self-Absorption (Assistant Curator), John Brill, SPRING/BREAK Art Show, New York, NY
A Human Condition (Assistant Curator), Dennis Adams, Varujan Boghosian, Troy Brauntuch, Richard Hamilton, Pablo Helguera, Justen Ladda, Paul Laffoley, Annette Lemieux, Beverly McIver, Muntadas, Irving Petlin, Rachel Schmidhofer, Judith Shea, Kyle Staver, Robert Taplin, and James Wines, Kent Fine Art, New York, NY
Paul Laffoley Memorial Exhibition (Assistant Curator), Paul Laffoley, Outsider Art Fair, New York, NY

2016 Kyle Staver (Assistant Curator), Kyle Staver, Kent Fine Art, New York, NY
On Painting (Curator), Eve Ackroyd, Jon Campbell, Heidi Hahn, Janice Nowinski, Stefan Pehl, and Kyle Staver, Kent Fine Art, New York, NY
Witness (Assistant Curator), Dennis Adams, Troy Brauntuch, John Brill, Heide Fasnacht, Richard Hamilton, Pablo Helguera, Jerry Kearns, Annette Lemieux, Muntadas, Irving Petlin, Walid Raad, Judith Shea, Liselot van der Heijden, Kent Fine Art, New York, NY

2015 Strange Oasis (Assistant Curator and Organizer), Pablo Helguera, Kent Fine Art, New York, NY
Pushing Boundaries (Assistant Curator), Heide Fasnacht, Yulia Pinkusevich, & Dannielle Tegeder, Kent Fine Art, New York, NY

2011 SMFA Graduate Open Studios (Founder and Curator), School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA

2007 Face Up, (Co Curator), Peter Feiler, Sebastian Gögel, Ragnar Kjartansson, Ricardo Lanzarini, Sigga Sigurdardottir and Gabriel Acevedo Velarde, Galerie Adler, New York, NY
Miniaturizing Modernism: Richard Pettibone Paints the Neuberger’s Rickey Collection, (Assistant Curator and Museum Program Education Development: part of Museum Studies course with Tracey Fitzpatrick), Neuberger Museum, Purchase, NY

2005 Cyclone (Curator), Solo Exhibition of Melissa Kuntz, Galerie Europa, Reston, Virginia


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2014 All Hands Volunteer, Disaster Relief, Staten Island, New York

AHA GRANT, Rate My Artist Residency, A financial need-based grant created through crowdfunding to allow artists the chance to attend a residency without restriction, United States-based

2013 Clarion University, Curriculum Committee and Senior Projects Adviser

Orlando Museum of Art, Museum Education Volunteer

2011 All Hands Volunteer, Disaster Relief, Roaming Photographer and Painting Project Leader, Leogane, Haiti 

2010 School of the Museum of Fine Arts in New Orleans Louisiana, Disaster Relief, New Orleans, Louisiana