Web Design, Photo Editing/Manipulation, Photography, Graphic Design (Print & Digital), Marketing Campaigns, Social Media Management, Illustration, Logo Creation, Branding, Business Management and Development


$35/hour for Artists and Low-Income

$45/hour for Small Businesses

$60/hour for Standard Rate, Medium to Large Businesses


This includes includes the website design, communications, and meetings. I like to do an initial 1-2 hour meeting to get to know what you like and what your company goals are. 

Client websites have averaged between $600-4000 (and onward) to build a new website. This depends a lot on what the client wants and how many edits they would like to see and make to the website. After our meeting, I’ll give you a project estimate and will require 1/4 downpayment to start the project. After the downpayment has been compensated in hours, then I will charge weekly via PayPal Invoice or Venmo. 

I also like to meet with the client weekly or bi-weekly as I work on the website. The face-to-face conversation helps a lot and it’s fun to do love edits together to communicate a clear idea about your vision.